History of FMVA


Fargo Moorhead Visual Artists was established in 2003.  Artists and art supporters gathered together to form the non profit.  Robert Kurkowski penned the bylaws for FMVA and a year later became the first president of FMVA in 2004.  FMVA took on the task of creating an community art event – the Studio Crawl.  FMVA’s first Studio Crawl was 2004 with 24 studios opening their doors to the community.  Growing every year, the Studio Crawl has become a regional art event under FMVA Studio Crawl Director Jon Offutt.  More information – Exhibition tab – Studio Crawl

FMVA is a non profit art organization that is run by volunteers.  The board of directors has an executive committee (president, vice-president, treasurer and secretary) and the board is composed of 9 to 12 board of directors.  On the third Saturday of October every year, FMVA hosts its annual member meeting to review previous years and share the vision and goals for the next year.  The FMVA board meets every month and the directors lead 5 committees composed of volunteers:  Communication, Education, Professional Practices, Programming and Membership.   The volunteers are a major part of maintaining and the growth of FMVA.

Every year, FMVA continues to grow as it embeds art events and exhibitions.  In 2006, the Big Art Exhibition has become a permanent exhibition hosted by The Historical and Cultural Society of Clay County at the Hjemkomst Center.  For the last several years, over 60+ FMVA members showcase their art.  In 2007, the Little Art Exhibition was established.  Exhibition hosts about 30 FMVA members work in the atrium at Essentia Health.  After 2010 annual meeting, a small group of members met and initiated the idea of an exhibition with a prompt and FMVA established the Constraint Art Exhibition.   In 2011, Play with Proportion Constraint Exhibition was held at Spirit Room.  It’s all in the Game, Political Animal, Time Warp, X, Antiquity, Label and other constraints have been explored by our members.  Another permanent exhibition is the Art Educators’ Exhibition which was first held in 2013 to showcase local and region art instructors. The Constraint Art Exhibition and Art Educators’ Exhibition alternate years and are held at various locations.  More information – Exhibition tab

Along with exhibitions, FMVA hosts many events for our members and the FM community.  FMVA programming and education committees alternate FMVA events and continue to implement new events.  Some of alternating events are:  The Art Burn, Critiques, Draw Ins, Meet & Greet, Visual Talks, Visiting Artists Studios.